Hair Transplantation


Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation, which is one of the topics that today's technology works so much about and tries to produce service, is the basic and common problem of many people. Today, with the development of technology, hair transplantation treatment is trying to be performed with more modern techniques and trying to provide the best service to the people in a short time. Our company, which has been serving in this field for more than 7 years and strives for the happiness of people, attaches great importance to the satisfaction of people. We are trying to offer you this service in our country with the teams specialized in hair transplantation. All departments in which our company performs are prepared by providing 100% hygiene conditions. Among the services of our company, there are all needed services in the industry such as hair transplantation (FUE, PRP, unshaved and DHI), eyebrow transplantation and beard transplantation. Hair transplantation practices performed in unhealthy environments and by unauthorized people cause many health problems, especially skin disorders. As company, we provide the highest quality and healthy service with our team, which has gained experience by working in the countries using the most advanced methods and modern equipment.

What are the stages of Hair Transplantation?

Generally, the stages of hair transplantation are carried out as standard and they are listed as follows;

1.Local anesthesia

2.Collection of healthy hair follicles from the person to be transplanted

3.Opening suitable channels for hair transplantation

4.Hair transplantation by applying different techniques

As company, we make all of our operations in line with customer satisfaction principles. After our professional team make the necessary investigations, we decide the method to be applied together with our patients. In addition, in order to make the hair follicles stronger, we take some of our patients' own blood and process them (PRP) and inject them into the new hair transplanted area.

Use of Modern Technology

People may want the latest technology to be used and get full efficiency when receiving this hair transplantation service. In this health service we provide, we do everything we need to make people look healthier and achieve their dreams with the most modern techniques.

What Are Hair Transplantation Methods?

FUE and DHI techniques are performed as the most advanced hair transplantation methods used all over the world. As company; we use FUE technique and provide services without any surgical scar remained and we provide the opportunity to recover in a short time. With the DHI technique, we perform hair transplantation without channel opening and shaving. In addition, by injecting the minerals and vitamins needed by the hair into the hair follicles (mesotherapy), we ensure that the hair is healthier and thick.

Other Issues

We also provide the following services to our guests who apply for hair transplantation;

1.We use the latest technology in all our services

2.We perform our operations aesthetically

3.We provide our patients accommodation in luxury hotels

4.After the operation, we provide private medical consultancy for one year.

1500 grafts available. 
1) In Unshaving Fue Surgery we only shave small part of back hairs. If you have long hair donor area can not seem and it will help you to hide your donor zone. Because of we collect grafts from small part of your donor zone daily maximum greft number is 1500. 
3000 grafts available
2) In Partiel Shaving FUE Surgery we shave all your donor zone but we dont't shave your top hairs. This Fue Method help you to hide your donor zone. All of scrabs that occur after hair transplant surgery can be hidden in that methods. It will help to our patient hide hair transplant operation. In one day 3000 graft can be used.
5000 grafts available in two sessions (in two days surgery)
3) In Classis Fue Surgery we shave all of your hairs and in one day's operation 3500 grafts can be used.