Sapphire Fue

It is among the latest techniques used in hair transplantation operations. As a result of the researches, it is known as the most advanced technique. Sapphire Fue is performed for people whose hair shed at an early age. Thanks to the natural appearance of its results, many people prefer this technique. It follows a different path from other techniques. The shed areas of ​​the hair are removed one by one without damaging the tissue.

Some techniques are known to damage the hair loss area. Fue technique is the most preferred method because it does not damage the tissue. Hair transplantation area gets in the process of recovery after the operation. Since the technique does not harm the tissue, the recovery time is shortened. After the operation, the shed area has a smooth surface.


Advantages of the Sapphire Fue technique

  • It is known as the most painless method among hair transplantation techniques.
  • Fue technique is performed with the help of tips made of real sapphire.
  • A compact planting process is performed. It is ensured that the hair looks natural due to compact planting. 
  • It can’t be noticed whether it is natural hair or not.
  • As a result of Fue technique, there will be no scar in the operation area.
  • After the Fue process, people can return to their daily lives immediately.

The Fue technique is used more than once in different situations. Hair grows efficiently in the area where Fue technique is used.


Fue Hair Transplantation Stages

  1. Fue hair transplantation is performed with the help of tips made of real sapphire.
  2. Hair follicles are extracted from the donor area one by one.
  3. The collected follicles are added to channels to be opened in the area by Fue technique.
  4. Due to the size of sapphire tips, the hair becomes thicker.

Fue Hair Transplantation

It is used to minimize the tissue damage. Due to sapphire tips, the planting rate is increasing. It is performed more in people with advanced hair loss. The rate of fluid injected under the skin is reduced by the Fue technique. The healing process is fast due to little damage of the tissues.