Hair Loss in Female

In today’s understanding, even if hair is shown as an area of interest for women, many men are sensitive about hair. This sensibility initially begins in men with fear of hair loss and baldness. Many men experience hair problems at certain time in their lives and these

symptoms usually begin in the 20s. Hair loss is an issue that needs to be considered regardless of gender. If left untreated, it can cause serious threats both in terms of health and appearance.

What are the causes of hair loss in male?

The causes of hair loss we see in 90 percent of men are more than one. These reasons can

be: stress, deficiency in vitamin values, hormonal disorders, diet changes, wrong product use

or changing the product very often, air change, having very oily or very dry scalp. As a result,

there are two types of hair loss. These are male-pattern hair loss and female-pattern hair


Female-pattern hair loss is due to simple reasons and can be easily prevented. Regular and

correct product use and small changes in life will be enough. Genetic factors are usually the

basis of male-pattern hair loss. The male-pattern hair loss starts from the front parts, which

are generally the most prone to shedding, and loses its front line completely over time.

In some builds, hair thinning and losses appear around the top of the head. As a result, only

the hair at the nape remains. This shedding, also known as Androgenetic Alopecia, is the

point the baldness problem begins.

Solution for the genetic shedding

It is important to intervene at early age in the prevention of androgenetic alopecia, genetic

male-pattern hair loss, and it delays the final end. Investing in ourselves at a young age,

nutrition and using the correct products are very important. When the baldness is

experienced, when the hair molecules completely lose their function, hair transplantation,

which is an aesthetic process, can be applied.