Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Will there be any pain during and after the operation?

The operation is performed with local anesthesia, so there is no pain during the process. We use a painless anesthesia device during the anesthesia process and minimize the pain. If you use your prescription painkiller, there will be no pain.

2)How many sessions do I need to have hair transplantation?

It may vary depending on the area the person needs. Normally 1 session is enough for hair transplantation, but it can be performed healthier with FUE Technique in 2 or even 3 sessions.

3) When can I get back to work?

We recommend that you rest on the day of the hair transplant operation and the next day. You can get back to work on the third day.

4) How much will it take?

It may vary depending on the need of the person. A healthy hair transplantation operation takes approximately 4-6 hours.

5) ​How is the person’s suitability for hair transplantation determined?

Every healthy individual over the age of 18 is suitable for hair transplantation if there is sufficient donor area.

6) Is hair transplantation permanent?

Our hair follicles in the nape, where we call donor area, are genetically different types. For this reason, they are permanent and can’t be lost.

7) Will any scar remain?

All the devices and the equipment we use in hair transplantation is the product of latest technology. So, there will remain no scar.

8) What is the success rate in hair transplantation?

If the hair transplantation is performed by professional teams, the success rate is %95-98. In addition, the care that the person apply to the hair after the operation is an important factor for the outcome.